ROPEC - Orleans Cumberland Collector Pumping Station

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Project Type: Heavy Civil - Waste/Water

Project Stats:

  • Two +\-70' deep shafts, slurry wall construction
  • 1500mm diameter interconnecting tunnel between shafts
  • Live diversion of combined sewage
  • Pumping station (building) at surface level
  • Diversion chamber with access from surface

Project Information:

Contract type: General Contracting
Completion: July 2013
Owner: City of Ottawa
Architect: Ainley Group
Structural: Delcan

Doran undertook the construction of a pumping station and a diversion chamber at the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre which handles all of the sewage treatment for the City of Ottawa.   Two 30' diameter shafts have been excavated between 65-75' deep using a slurry wall system. 

One shaft is designed to connect to a 2m diameter surcharged sewer being fed by the entire east end of Ottawa.  All connections made to this sewer were successfully completed with utmost care and undertaken while it was 'live'.  Doran has temporarily diverted the flow from the sewer in order to construct the new diversion chamber.  Once diverted, a Tunnel Boring Machine was lowered down the pump station shaft and drilled through to the diversion chamber shaft 53m away.  The tunnel was successfully completed with utmost precision and was within a few mm horizontally and 35mm vertically over the 53m bore.