Renfrew Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Project Type: Heavy Civil - Waste/Water

Project Stats:

  • replaced existing facility from 1968
  • intricate concrete chambers
  • advanced water treatment systems
  • constructed through difficult winter conditions
  • complex Mech/Elec commissioning

Project Information:

Contract type: General Contracting
Completion: August 2009
Owner: The Town of Renfrew
Architect: J L Richards and Associates
Structural: J L Richards and Associates

This new Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Renfrew modernized the original facility which was constructed in 1968.  Located in a natural setting, this new facility is adjacent the Bonnecchere River has increased the capacity of the plant such that it more than doubles the amount of sludge/cake that can be removed daily (due to the modernized systems & processes).  Construction involved considerable heavy civil and concrete work as well as industrial & office type construction for the operations centre. The project involved intricate mechanical work including intense commissioning involving the headworks, raw sewage pumps, aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, effluent flow measurements, UV disinfection, aerobic digester, sludge dewatering, and all ancillary mechanical and electrical equipment.