Project: ROPEC Thickening and Dewatering Building Upgrades
Location: 800 Green Creek Dr, Gloucester, ON K1J 1K6
Closing Date/Time: 2017-09-20 @ 3:00 pm
Description: Miscellaneous upgrades to Thickening and Dewatering Building
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Relevant Trades
Div 02: Selective Demolition, Specialty Cleaning, Excavation & Backfilling, Landscaping, Paving, Yard Piping
Div 03: Formwork, Reinforcing, Concrete Supply
Div 04: Masonry
Div 05: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metal Fabrications, Metal Guards & Railings
Div 06: Rough Carpentry, FRP Gratings
Div 07: Perforated Metal Roof, Metal Flashing & Trim, Firestopping, Joint Sealants
Div 08: HM Doors & Frames, Horizontal Fire and Smoke Rated Shutter, Aluminum Windows, Door Hardware
Div 09: Gypsum Board, Acoustical Ceiling, Protective Coating for Hoppers, Painting/Protective Coating
Div 10: PVC Strip Curtains, Architectural Wall Louvres, Signage
Div 11: Electrical Motors, Diverter & Hopper Cake Gates, Odour Control System (Pre-qualified)
Div 13: Special Construction (Pre-qualified)
Div 15: Mechanical (Pre-qualified)
Div 16: Electrical (Pre-qualified)
If you have questions regarding the bid, please contact:

• Art Bonsall          613-526-2400 x331 or EMAIL

• Brian Watson      613-526-2400 x332 or EMAIL

• John Dingemans 613-526-2400 x333 or EMAIL